Each spring, the South Plains Lions Club helps you stay out of trouble by offering a great service! For only $30.00, you can send your loved one a dozen roses and we’ll deliver within the city limits of Lubbock. If you live outside the city limits but will be coming to Lubbock the weekend of March 26th-28th, 2020, you may pick up your roses and take them home. Please click on the flier below for a printable version to hang up at your place of business. Or, save it to your computer & e-mail it as an attachment to some of your friends on our behalf! They will thank you later!

For questions contact: questions@LubbockSouthPlainsLions.org Copyright 2020 LubbockSouthPlainsLions.org. All rights reserved.

To order roses for your special someone, enter a gift message above and click the “buy now” icon. You’ll be taken to a secure site sponsored by PayPal where your funds will be safely deposited into our account. Once you have paid your funds please click on the link below to send us an e-mail with your contact information. If you have problems please send an e-mail to: roses@lubbocksouthplainslions.org

When you send the e-mail, please give us your name & contact info, as well as who you would like for us to deliver to and their contact info!